We want our farm visit to be an enjoyable and educational experience for all and our team. Farm animals can carry infections that can be harmful to people, especially, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and children, the elderly and vulnerable.

Please follow all signs and staff instructions when you are on our farm.


  • put hands on faces or fingers in mouths while petting animals or walking through our animal zones
  • kiss farm animals or put your faces close to the animals
  • eat, drink or smoke in our animal zones
  • eat anything that has fallen on the floor, or reuse dummies until they have been cleaned
  • use hand gels or wipes instead of handwashing facilities, after being in the animal zone

βœ”οΈ DO wash your hands

  • thoroughly with soap and water after you have touched the animals
  • gone from one zone to another
  • when you leave the animal zone and farm
  • before eating, drinking or smoking
  • after removing shoes or boots at the farm

βœ”οΈ DO also

  • use disinfectant mats when leaving the animal zones and farm
  • supervise children to check they are not getting too close to the animals
  • ensure children avoid putting fingers in mouths or face
  • ensure children wash their hands thoroughly
  • remove footwear and wash hands before going on our soft play frame

We also advise Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, the elderly and the vulnerable to not enter our lambing zone.

Our staff are trained to keep you all safe and carry out routine cleaning procedures on all touchpoints


The blue icons on the sitemap below indicate the location of our handwashing stations. A paper copy of this map will be made available to you on-site.

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